Luxurious Hospitality Guest Room Management System (GRMS)

Luxurious Hospitality Guest Room Management System (GRMS)

( ABB/Interel/Digivalet)

Greater guest experience

Take control of the guest experience to deliver and manage HVAC, lighting, curtains, guest services and with maximum flexibility. The result? A set of sleek, self-explanatory user interfaces for the Hotel guests, with seamless execution on the backend.


We deliver bespoke design capabilities and provide immense flexibility to make our products part of our customer’s beautifully designed spaces. Make our products fit into your design, not the other way around.

Lighting control

Getting the light right is a master discipline in luxury hospitality – and we are pros at executing your design. Our scripting engine knows no limits to the number and complexity of well-studied lighting scenes.

Energy management

Our advanced state machine allows us to optimize energy savings in the many different conditions your guest room will face. We use the largest amount of data points in the industry in order to determine real-time presence in the guest room.

Built-in IoT infrastructure

We take the definition of “converged network” to the next level. Our award-winning connect smart IoT infrastructure allows hotel owners and operators to use their money wisely as opposed to spending it on a number of siloed infrastructures

BYOD? Bring your own system

With our deep understanding of hospitality, we know that connectivity is key and are proud of how we “play well with others.” Our APIs allow hotel operators to own the systems where value is generated and creates an overall much cleaner technology environment.

Total cost of ownership

Best part of all? Our products are designed to lower the total cost of ownership throughout their entire lifecycle – from design to deployment to service. Talk to us at the design stage to find out how massive this impact can be.

To Be Second To None In Providing Our Partners A Total Integrated Solution Supported By Up-To-Date Technology

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