Satellite Receiption MATV & IPTV Solutions

Satellite Receiption MATV & IPTV Solutions

Digital TV Head End and Network Solutions.
Grundig Systems Germany is a worldwide
leading company since 1945 in Digital
TV solutions over Fiber, Coaxial and
IP Networks in addition to its unique
Satellite Head End which installed
worldwide in most strategic & big projects
with around 5500 references worldwide
in the hospitality & residential sectors.

GSS Hospitality Digital COFDM / IPTV Solution
Grundig Digital Solution which is the latest generation for the digital Transmission technology
allows hotels to offer up to 1000 TV Channels with a HD & 4K Quality as an economical
solution comparing with other transmission systems for Hotels & Residential compounds, GSS
has developped a Compact Head Ends Ends with a Digital QAM/COFDM or IP Streaming

To Be Second To None In Providing Our Partners A Total Integrated Solution Supported By Up-To-Date Technology

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